Horror Within And Without

Descent Into The Darkness
Further Down They Go...

• Sunday, December 4, 989
• Isabella unleashed an electrical arc into one of the creatures, causing it to explode into a shower of gore and doom and collapses. Heinrich unleashes a flurry of three arrows into one of the Type-017, striking through its left forearm and left calf. Luma waits and watches, with access to his zeon. The Type-017 Madness Spinners, pairing up and unleashing a wave of Psychic Assaults and Psychic Deaths, striking Isabella for her PsR, Cormac for a point of Int and Wp, and slightly damaging Heinrich’s resistances as well, while many of the other Type-017 have sparks burst from their minds as they fail. Cormac throws his splitting bolas in order to destroy two of them by taking through their ribs and arms. Then Lila hid in the shadow of Viresaegaer, before V charged forward into the mass, swinging twice, killing 5 of the 8, then the remaining three with the second attack.
• Isabella “Does anyone elses brain feel like cinnamon and taste like purple?” C “My head hurts a bit.” Isabella “Does the colours talk back to you?” H “My head slightly hurts.”
• They look over the pedastal, and through the room. Luma finds some notes on the creation of the Type-017 Madness Spinners and puts them in his book after reading them, Cormac looks into the turned over corpses, seeing what they are. Lila and Luma look at the pedastal with its buttons and levers. They sense a great deal of energy, Heinrich knowing that it is not all magic. Lila suggests that they not push it until they know what it does, which makes Isabella run over and grab one of the two levers, but then H tells Isabella to leave it alone. Isabella looks over and begins to argue about whether they should push it or not between all of their. Then H pulls her away. They see the pit beneath the grating, and Isabella drops a GC down, and hears it hit after a 3 count. Looks quite far down. Isabella suggests trying to lower them down through, and then grabs the other lever. Lila notices that there is necromantic energy that builds around Isabella’s hands, and then tells her not to pull it, so H grabs her and pulls her off. She wants to know why, H says that it could hurt her, or them. Isabella talks within themselves and then deciding that her killing daddy might not work well. C suggests that they have V try to carve through the grating with his axe. He cuts, and then a beam of energy attempts to cut into him, but his axe stops it. Then they attempt to figure out what to do next, so V grabs onto and pushes the little blue sapphire button, and has a blast of energy. They notice the ripple of other magic there. Then C looks over and analyzes the pedastal, seeing that there is a key that would open it to function, that it attacks any failed attempts, and that it can be evaded around in order to make the way through. C asks if any of them found a key, they say the things they have that open their own things, and then C opens it up manually with his technique, and the elevator descends them down, with only C and V on it. The others glower as they descend about 150 feet. Ymir runs down the wall to reach the base of it. Then H asks that they should have like help from him to carry Isabella and Lila down there, L says she doesn’t want to go down there, but that she will anyway. H carries them down, and they find the lower region, with a set of three massive doors. They look at them, C and Y seeing that they are not trapped, but are locked. Isabella looks 1 year into the past, and finds that there are different codes into each of them. Then she gave the data, Lila memorized the more recent ones, and then V uses the codes in order to progress down the hall. They travel through the strange places and distant and scattered bodies within, trying to find the few bits of zombies. Isabella then grabs one of the zombies and starts pulling crossbow bolts out of it. She falls behind the rest of the group, so H tells her to catch up. Isabella says that they need them so that they can use the big attack that Edward likes so much. H grabs her, carrying her over one shoulder, and the body falling across his back dribbling blood. Isabella drops the corpse once she gets everything. They reach the next door, and wait several moments, Y muttering that it would be nice if someone could look into the past and find out information, like the code to the door. After a while of ignorance, Isabella decides to look into the past, since she is bored. She is able to see 1 millennium into the past, and is able to see the original owners of the city treating it as a market square, their light vanishing and choking ash covering everything, centuries of absence, and then the discover and refitting by the Black Sun, as well as every code the door ever had. As she returns from her spacing out she tells the others (in her usual indirect and not quite sensible way) about the other beings that she saw, and then lists every code the door ever had. This recitation takes 7 hours, during which the others sit down, with Y, L, and even H grabbing a quick rest and napped sleep as she continued. H only had his book record the first few numbers, and the last number combination that should be current. After reciting this Isabella said she was tired and collapsed to sleep on the floor. H lay Isabella over one shoulder, and then they entered the door code.
• They open the door to screams of “Please don’t kill me and sobbing”. V shouts “Silence!”, so the sobbing is more quiet, but still desperate. Lila then tries to calm them all down, and succeeds. They asks who they are, and what they can do here, L says that they are the rescue party. Then they ask about what is going on, to try and figure out what is going on. All the people say they were simply workers in the different regions, but that none of them had much security clearance. V asks if they are all Delacroix, and they confirm that they all work for them. Then the others ask if there is anything else that they can help with. The party says that there is nothing that they can do to get them out right now, since there is nothing for them to take it now since the city is in the same, or even worse shape then the lab down here. V asks if they are the ones responsible for this then, the security is here is quite incredible after all the work that is done here. They ask for whatever details they can be provided about the layout here, saying that there isn’t all that much left where they know. Then they are told that there is a sleeping quarter and major experimental chamber down the way from across where they came in, and then there are also another smaller lab down through the other door. The Seekers ask for any assistance that they can provide, so that they can help them. They offer to give them their security cards in order to give them easier access to other rooms. Looking at the 49 cards they see that each is made of valuable metals and gems, and should be worth a great deal. They take all of them, due to the massive value entailed. They then opened the door, telling the scientists to stay where they are, and make their way through the next massive hall.
• They travel down the hall, with fewer things even then in the first. As they come to a branching path they see a few zombies shambling towards the sleeping quarters, and goo scattered around the floor. They go towards the major research room, despite many really not wanting to. They find a corpse squished in the door. H searches it and finds another key card. Then C and V push open the door, finding a massive look of things with Lila looking in to see a massive laboratory, with numerous structures, other dead people, and then a massive pit in the center with ominous rumbling. Then they walked in. Moving over to find and search the items, H finds another batch of 9 more keycards. Then V looks in to find the Necrogolem thrashing about within its magical bindings. They look down, Y suggests they leave it, most of the others agree, but V suggests that they should deal with it. C agrees, because he expects that it will follow them, and nothing could stop there, so it would make things easier in the long run. V throws one of the corpses against the barrier, and the Necrogolem then decides to try to get at it, and the field shocks and burns through it, the power eroding as H looks at it, and realizes that it will probably only last a few more minutes. H tells them, so they have to choose whether to fight it. They decide to do it, so H hides Isabella under a desk, then pats her on the cheek until she wakes up. Then H tells her that a creature will be rising up so they must kill it. Isabella says that they then should get rid of it to make it and the bad things go away. C gathered up a collection of volatile bottles, strapped them together with belts and rope, and then balanced it on the side of the pit, waiting. Then Y brought out another bottle of alcohol, and lit the wick up to wait. Then they waited, until the barrier broke away. Then C pushed in the bottles, and then Y threw in the bottle to light it on fire. Then the Necrogolem burrowed under the ground into the wall. C and V cursed.
• Waiting up above Y prepared another bottle, Lila hid nearlby to watch, H prepped his bow and Isabella cackled with lightning on her fingertips. V stood and watched, then backed up and jumped up in order to create a small shake in order to try and draw the creature up, and C activated his water shield and fully defended down at the floor.
• After three turns of waiting and nothing happening the Necrogolem runs upwards in order to strike under Viresaegaer and Cormac, with the necromantic energy also striking out against Lila and Ymir. Y manages to dodge the strike with his cloak, and Lila uses the scattered debris to form a shield, which is tossed aside as her stomach is broken, C is knocked back and takes a slight penalty of Curse of Flesh, while V takes a larger penalty and is swallowed by the Necrogolem, his axe is unpleased. H shoots it with an arrow, and then Isabella fires a scalpel through it with her Magnetic Accelerator Attack. The scalpel bounces off of V’s armor inside. Luma charges zeon. H fires another light arrow to carve into it, as they note the fact that its wounds are healing. Ymir runs over to Isabella and gives her a long sword. The Necrogolem spits out a massive body at H, who has Luma block with a shield, to have the body explode in a cloud of vapor that H, Isabella, and Y were able to resist. Inside the Necrogolem V suffers much more from the Curse of Flesh, then attacks three times to tear through it harshly in order to cut his way out in a torrent of guts, then to hurt it further. Then Isabella unleashed an Magnetic Acceleration Attack in order to fire the long sword into it, harming it quite well. Then the Necrogolem catches Viresaegar by surprise, throwing its body against him to tear his left shoulder and arm from the socket, revealing some lung, and harming him again with its Curse of Flesh to increase the penalties. Then it attacks C twice with a pair of broadsword wielding corpses, but his armor soaks up both of them. Y throws another flaming bottle of alcohol, and lights the creature slightly on fire. Isabella MAA’s another scalpel into it to hurt it more. H fires another three arrows into it to harm it again quite solidly. Luma accumulates zeon. Cormac shakes off the blows. V uses his Nemesis powers to generate another arm and grab up his armor and set up his axe again. Isabella “The big man is not right.” V attacks the creature three times, carving into it again, and again, and again, taking great chunks out of it. Luma fires a doubled-up Beam of Light blast, hitting it solidly. Y throws a +5 dagger at one of the broadsword slaves, hitting it solidly. H unleashes another 3 arrows at the creature, hitting it solidly all three times. The Necrogolem brings its strike down on V once more, but the armor soaks up all of it. Then the slave attacks also fail against his armor. Isabella MAA’s with a crossbow bolt, tearing through the Necrogolem in a shower of gore, death, and a destroyed slave weapon. Cormac then destroyer attacks through it to resume its death and continue destroying it thoroughly.
• Y goes and grabs the dagger from the spitting group of ichor on the floor. H accumulates to use Recover on Lila in order to get her back up. Isabella tells Lila about V getting his arm taken off, then growing a new one, then hitting with the axe. Both C and V took extra time to completely destroy the Necrogolem in order to leave it well and truly dead. Y slightly heals C, then H also repairs all of V’s health that he could, but his arm stays off. Looking around, they find several research notes describing the Necrogolem, its making, and what its capabilities are. V votes that they go left, C has no preference, and Lila sees that they do not have any properly. V goes to the door, and with the new keycard they are able to get there. They march down the hallway, going forward they find another long hallway, and go through another door, then through it into a ground filled with individuals. V demands they stand down, and gets no response. Lila tries to ask them questions, but gets no response. V decides to walk forward, which they do. After walking in a while, Lila throwing a rock but getting no response, a voice tells them that there is another team participating and that they are not performing very well against the other team in the training area.” V asked about what other team. Creepy Voice “The other team have eliminated 37 targets.” V “What team?” Isabella “The team that killed the prime number.” V “Lead me to this team.” Creepy Voice “Inform me as to who you are and what you do.” V demands the location again. Creepy Voice tells them to act for it, or else they need to leave. Everyone but V refuses to answer, and backs up in order to get away from the voice, and is then sealed out by the doors being closed. Then the creepy voice asks them who they are again. Isabella uses her power to see back a millennium within that small hallway, seeing the original races that lived there, and also finding out that there was another Steiner Seeker team that passed through this hallway several days before, when things were still intact and the Seekers were skulking. When she returned Isabella commented that there were other groups of Seekers there. The Creepy Voice said that they are Seekers then, and wanted to know what they were doing here, and their number and identity. For a while the group, and V resisted, until H finally admitted it and told the Creepy Voice the truth. She identified them as high ranking Steiners, blamed the entire situation on the complex, and that they would therefore need to be dealt with. L asks what they mean for trying to help them out. The Creepy Voice says that they should assist in repairing and retrieving any individuals, research notes, and projects that they can in order to pay for the right to escape for all the sealed areas and exits. They agree, and ask a few questions about where to go and how to do it. The Creepy voice says she will help, once they prove themselves. C asks if killing the Necrogolem wouldn’t prove it enough. The Creepy Voice leaves for a while, then comes back and informs them that the cost of the destroyed Necrogolem would be added to their tab. With grumbles they ask what the test is. The Creepy Voice tells them to outkill the other team on the test track they are within. They set off, V in the lead, H firing arrows to destroy targets, but V only looking to hunt down and slaughter the other team. If they are dead they can’t get more hits then them, right.
• Luma realizes that they are surrounded, and so the group asks for locations and looks. Lila prepares herself. Y throws a firebomb at the closest 009 behind a rock, then the 009 jumps out to evade it and is seen. One 009 jumps through the air at a surprised V, but his armor soaks it up. Y easily dodges the one that lunges out at him. Two 009’s charge Cormac, his armor soaking up the first, and it also soaks up the second, noting the residue being left behind. Two then charge H, who dodges the first and puts an arrow into him to harm it extensively, then dodges the second attack as well. L enchants her clothes as a magical shield, to last for an entire day, and it works with mystic plates. Cormac wipes at the fluid on his armor. Isabella uses an electricity arc against one of the 009 that attacked H, destroying it with lightning, causing it to explode, not harming H, and dealing 100 points to Isabella’s shield. The first 009 attacks V again, but he blocks and counters with his axe, killing the one infront of him, gaining the life that the explosion takes from it, while it hurts the two 009 fighting C, while C avoids it with his shield. The 009 fighting Y attacks, but Y easily dodges and thrusts his dagger deep into the monster’s body. Lila cleans zombie guts, from her fingernails. The 009 fighting H turns to attack Isabella, but her shield soaks it up. H then shoots that zombie, which explodes to not harm H, but to hurt Isabella with it. H then sends his second arrow into the 009 fighting with Y, killing it to cause it to explode, but Y evades it with his mystic cloak. Cormac unleashes his splitting bolas at the healthier 009, as it doesn’t split, and hurts it but doesn’t kill it. V then are-attack charges the remaining 009’s fighting with C, killing them both in a great explosion, the first merely denting their armor, and the second slightly injuring C. Then silence fills the hall. Creepy Girl Voice “Due to the elimination of the opposing team, all of their kills will be awarded to you, and you will prove victorious. I accept you all to assist with us in what you do. What would you like to go now?” V “Take me to you.” The Edge of Dawn “You wish to come to me. Then I shall lead you to me.” Isabella “Will there be cake?” TEoD “No, I’m afraid not. All you will have to do is go back to the original door you entered through, and then take the door directly across from where you entered.” V then grunted and they keep moving. Lila to V “Can you trudge slightly less menacingly?” They continue going forward. L asks for the creepy voice’s name, and she introduces herself as The Edge of Dawn. They pass through the crossroads, to the door to the security checkpoint. Then TEoD talks over to them, telling them to try and get the security beyond the door to not shoot them in order to progress past. V jokes that they will deal with things as they must, C saying that they don’t start things, they just finish them. Then V pounds on the closed door without saying anything. TEoD then says that that may not be the best way for them to get the guards to talk to them. Then they hear a mail voice shout at them from the other side demanding them what they are, if they are alive. V, Isabella, and Lila all say that they are alive, and should let them in. The guards ask TEoD what is going on, and she says that they should let her in. The guards wonder why, because the Seekers will do more to assist them. The guard doubts it, and then TEoD suggests that failure to listen may result in garnishment of their wages. Grumbling and complaining furiously the guard tells TEoD to open the door. When one of the Seekers also asks her to she does.
• Inside the small guard room are signs of rations, kegs of water, ammunition, weapons, and armor, and 8 rather haggard looking guards. They lower their crossbows, tell the Seekers to enter before anything can follow, and then order TEoD to close the security doors again. TEoD doesn’t appreciate being told what to do, informs the guard it is not of high enough rank to give such an order, and when he persists she opens all of the other doors to the other hall. H asks TEoD politely to close all the doors so they can speak in piece, and so she does so. Then they begin to discuss things with the guards, who identify the group as Seekers based on the strange group and crazy Isabella, with them demanding to know what is going on and what they are doing. The Seekers don’t answer much at all, but say that they are moving forward to try and solve these problems and deal with things. Lila assures them that all of them are not quite crazy, and the guards are happy to hear this, while Isabella says that Lila shouldn’t call others crazy. After a brief discussion covering some of the basics about what was going on here, the guards’ position, and them to hold the line, the Seekers leave in order to make their way to central security. V hears a thrumming from his axe, and so lingers back in the room with the guards while the others leave.
• Everyone but V make it forward, until they reach the grand central security chamber, a circular room several hundred feet in diameter, with a massive glowing crystal in the center of the chamber. At the foot of the crystal knelt a young woman, clothes in tatters, covered in blood, and muttering to herself. As the Seekers stride into the room, Isabella comments that she can feel the stone and crystal singing, that there is much strength in this room. Lila then asks if they can meet TEoD in her more regular form, and so then she appears in her tiny, glowing light of red, orange, and yellow light. She greets them, and asks if they are ready to get to work. They want a little bit more information first, and H and L go over to the mumbling woman in order to ask her what is going on, and if she is alright. The woman simply mumbles, more and more and more about the failure, the death and pain, the loss of companions, the blood, the blood, the blood. TEoD introduces her as Melinda Straussa, the last surviving member of the Steiner Seeker group that broke into the laboratory, triggered all of these traps, and then watched all of her companions die terribly. TEoD has been suggesting that she might bless Melinda with the death that she wants so much, but that TEoD has decided to wait on it for a while, because it isn’t her job to kill them, so she is keeping them alive. Lila says that TEoD hasn’t taken any form of leadership seminar in the past. Then V arrived and demanded Melinada to tell her what book she was talking about. When Melinda continued to mutter incoherently V lifted her up by the neck and demanded again, so she simply began to choke. H, L, and C all ask what the hell is he doing. Then V grabs Melinda by the body instead, to ask about the book again. She eventually stammers out The Book of The Dead fragment, the cause of all this loss and pain. C asks TEoD if retrieving this book would help to assist covering their costs. TEoD says that it would, tells them where it is, and then also says that the guards there aren’t under her control, and that she can’t disable the security that leads to it. Y asks about the security, is told about the directed and focused magic and psychic energy to destroy people, which makes Y shudder. C asks for any other major people or things to retrieve. TEoD suggests that they could try and find Sergei Colbert, the head researcher that designed many of the most powerful creatures, security designs, and TEoD herself. She tells them his location, within the Ragnarok chamber. Then TEoD informs them that since Sergei Colbert was the one that designed all of the security, he has overridden her control of the security in that region, and that she can no longer observe anything that she is doing. Therefore, they decide that they should try to get Sergei Colbert first, so that he can override the security for them to let them into the region in order to gain access to The Book of The Dead.
• While the others were discussing that, V looked at Melinda, and asked her if she wanted him to end it all. She said that she wished to wake up from this terrible dream. So V buried his axe into the floor, drawing strange looks from the party, until V swings Melinda through the air to decapitate her on the axe in the ground. C, L, and H asks V what the hell he was thinking, and V simply says that she wanted her to do it, so he did. Isabella and her many selves all vote that they are slightly afraid, and dislike of the big man. Y goes over to Melinda’s body and takes all of her valuables, leaving the tattered clothes to give her some decency. Then TEoD then opens the door leading into the hall that will take them to the security checkpoint before the Ragnarok Room, and Sergei Colbert.

Terrasanta's Fall into Darkness
All Utopia's Are But Dust In The Wind

• Saturday, December 3, 989
• In the city of Terrasanta the Seekers gather in a park to await their orders from Julietta. While waiting, Lila receives the message from Julietta, asking if they are prepared to get the item. Lila asks what they mean by prepared? Julietta says in order to retrieve the item. Lila says that then they should be, since they sent at least one crazy person along. Julietta smiles and says that they should get along well. Julietta tells them of the Heart of Mnemosite, down in the Scar of the Martyr, which they have to descend, into the mutant overgrown foliage, then find the entrance to Mnemosite, go through the lost city to find the Heart of Mnemosite. Lila asks for a few details, regarding what the heart looks like (no one knows), where it should be (deep in the center, guarded by things that hopefully are inactive), and if anyone has returned (none). Lila doesn’t particularly like the sound of it. Asks for a few more details regarding the distance from the city, and their pay (anything that they get in the city except for the heart that they need). Asks about climate and a few other details. Then Julietta wishes them good luck and signs off. Lila replays the information to them, regarding going for the item that no one knows what it looks like, down a cliff that no one has returned from, through a forest that no one has ever returned from, in a city that no one has ever returned from. Heinrich comments on it being about usual for them, except that they actually know that it is a Duk’zarist city. Asks if they can climb, Isabella says that she can climb, climbs a tree, then looks down and asks Heinrich “Daddy” to catch her, which he does correctly.
• They then decide to gather some things, including food, lots of rope (Cormac buys 500 feet of rope and 400 pitons in the guild district, Heinrich buys 200 feet of rope ladder). Lila drops off her gear with a Black Sun merchant, saying that she and her companions are heading off to a business venture further away, and that there is no actual business for them. The Black Sun rep accepts it, taking them in and promising to return them. Then she goes to the library, and has a librarian retrieve a book on the Scar of the Martyr, and gets all the general geographical information of the region. When they have their supplies Cormac goes to the door in order to try and wait outside for the others. He finds a crowd gathered before the door, trying to get out, but the guards can’t open the doors. Cormac stays and watches, notices a few groups of pickpockets going through the crowd, including one in his pocket, that he tries to intimidate away him, he does and then sees the man holding some of his gold, so Cormac throws a bolas to fully paralyze the man, gets his coin back and then takes 7 GC extra. Then he watches the show. Luma notices the barrier over the city, and H notices that it is an incredibly powerful barrier of some kind.
• Eventually the rest join, but they see the collection of massed people and guards trying to push their way out. They notice the ten guards trying to open the gate. Then they all see a shambling man coming from the alley. Luma recognizes it as reeking of necromancy. Heinrich doesn’t like it, and then they all see the creature fall on one of the people and begin devouring them. Then the rest of the crowd notices and begins to panic. They push forward and begin crushing each other against the door, including killing the guards. Heinrich draws his Glaive and begins to attack that one, scratching it, then Luma sees 13 more coming. They begin watching, with Heinrich bringing out his bow and firing into the zombies coming forward. He doesn’t kill any, but hurts several. Then Isabella unleashes some arching lightning into the gathered zombies, bursting one at the seams of flesh. Then as they look about they see another ~150 zombies and 18 slayers coming down the stree. H recognizes the Slayers as being Black Sun creations. As the undead push forward Viresaegaer goes up to the gate, shoving his way through the crowd to the gate, then pushes against the doors, shattering them beneath his massive hands, then he strikes the barrier beyond. He glares at it. Then they move closer to the wall, Cormac going to the guardhouse close to the wall, checks the door to find it locks, and pushes it in. He blocks the three crossbow bolts that strike him, glares at the guards on the other side and runs up the stairs. Ymir and Lila follow behind. H moves against the wall on his horse, looses three arrows and then runs up the wall with Isabella tucked under one arm. Up above they look over the city, and see more zombies coming, and smoke rising from various parts of the city. H fires several more volleys of arrows, Isabella throwing bolts of lighting into the mobs of zombies, with Viresaegaear unwrapping his massive, axe in all its unholy glory, and moves into the Slayers, cutting three of them down in a flurry of crushing blows. The undead move past V, the Slayers moving into the crowd, and the zombies all around V. V slaughters 20 of the zombies in three fell sweeps. After several more volleys, and the guards from down below coming up, while Ymir prepares several bottles filled with oil and whicking them with cloth. Viresaegaer kills another 16 more zombies. Isabella uses her mirror to fire an Electromagnetic Acceleration Attack to fire her mirror through the zombies that were there, but doesn’t kill any. Then the others decide to that they should run, they see that more of the zombies are coming from the left, Lila asks if they should be heading towards it, Cormac suggests they do, Isabella suggests that they need to go through to find the end of path, through the way to find the bad things, to closes the bad things, in order to try and find the source of them to stop them to make the bad things stop. Then they decide to move forward and try to find the source. Viresaegaer carves through another 13 zombies, so the remaining dogpile on him. He stands and send them flying, the others shouting at him for where they are going. V doesn’t hear. Then he sees that 3 Hunters charge past, into the crowd, the Slayers and Zombies also tearing into the crowd, slaughtering the humans and the Slayers using the corpses to heal. V kills all the zombies that are close as they begin wandering away to try and get to the different houses, as the monsters break in the walls and begin murdering people.
• Lila, Ymir, Heinrich, Luma, Isabella, and Cormac run down the sides, looking around the city to see what is going on. More smoke rising, smaller bits of zombies and other creatures running about the streets, although not nearly in any large of distances. They look over the groups to try and figure out where they need to go, but they can’t seem to find where they need to go or where the things are coming. Then they try to look for more, Luma looks for a hole in the barrier, but as she looks around it appears to all be perfectly sealed. Therefore, they figure they may need to try to find the source of the Black Sun control inside the city. Lila tries to access Julietta through the Eru Pelegri. L is able to get through to Julietta, who complains in serious pain. L responds that there is a worse situation that they are currently in, and Julietta asks if they are actually still within the city. L says that they are, and Julietta groans even more, wondering if nothing could go right at all. While L talks with Julietta, the others continue to survey the city. They see a pair of strange flying creatures circling off in the distance, but can’t make them out, they also see a trio of people running across the roofs as they look for places where the zombies aren’t. Cormac throws one of his bolas to wrap up one of them, sending him collapsing to the tiles. They then look, trying to determine how to get there. C brings out his rope, and then lowers it down as there aren’t many zombies near. Heinrich grabs up Isabella, runs down the wall, across the street, and up onto the other rooftop before stopping. Ymir also runs across to the top. L pauses the conversation with Julietta, goes down the rope from Cormac, and then crosses to the street. Two zombies approach her, so H unleashes a flurry of arrows to drop one, and I unleashes a flurry of blast lighting to explode the other one.
• After too many of the zombies get away from him, Vilresaegar went to go hunt another Slayer, battered through its right shin, then noticed that the rest had left, although as he looked around he saw a light glowing off in the distance, and ran off in pursuit, battering through any zombies that got within his reach on the way.
• C dropped down to the ground, crashing into the ground for some pain. Then he got back up, threw the rope up, which was caught by Ymir, which helped hoist up Lila. Then everyone grabbed the rope and helped to hoist up C.
• Lila then resumed her conversation with Julietta, while C untied the bolased, and bloodied man. Lila asked Julietta what was going on, and if they were responsible for this given that H informed them that they seemed to be Black Sun creatures roaming the streets. Julietta said that it was probably a breach, and that the defenses would have been activated in order to seal the city, and that they would need to try and find a way out, survive, and still retrieve the item in question. Then C demanded to know where the man was trying to go, since H was stammering over the words to try. The man, through a broken nose and teeth, muttered that he was trying to go to the base. C says the base sounds quite tempting, you should speak more on the nature of this base. L asked Julietta if she had any more information regarding the location of the base, since they should have a button to lower this barrier and save themselves and possibly the city. Julietta suggests that it should be underground, and to check around the other Black Sun repositories for information. L suggests Julietta try well to survive, since she very much wants to be paid, and then Julietta ends the conversation. C tells the gang man to lead them to their base so they can get down.
• From down below shouts up V regarding them leaving him behind, with him completely covered in gore. C shouts back that they did tell him they were going this way, and that if he didn’t hear it wasn’t there fault. V wishes to know what they are doing next, and C tells him that they are following the man to the base. They ask if V would like to run on the roof, he stays on the ground.
• Running across the roofs, or in V case the ground and through the scattered zombies that get in his way, they follow for over an hour until they reach the corrupted nest, and reach McRill’s Slaughterhouse, which was guarded by 4 bandits with crossbows, and ten on the ground. There were 10 zombies coming down the streets, so the party and the man leading them took them down into the basement of the shop, past the hanging animal corpses. In the bottom they find McRill slaughtering a pig, with 7 more goons and the man that led them there. McRill demands why they are there, Isabella converses a few to many crazy times, Lila tries to smooth things out, McRill kills the man that led them there for not asking enough questions, gets some of his goons to hall out some rotting pigs. L asks if they know of any way in particular to get underground around here. McRill suggests the sewers, and other places for the big buildings if they were looking for it, such as in the nicer districts. One of the goons suggests the Sanitarium, McRill jokes about sending the loonies to the looney bin, the goon says it again since it is a big building, so McRill ‘promotes’ the man to leading the front line against the monsters. Then McRill says that they can take their pick. Isabella decides to use her electromagnetic manipulation to take McRill’s cleavers and stick them in a wall, McRill tries to hit Isabella with a blowdart but it is stopped by her shield. McRill puts the blowdarts away with all the others eyeing him up, and he asks them to leave. They leave, V crawling back out. When they get outside there are 10 dead zombies, and 5 dead people, one of which was the ‘promoted’ ones sent out. They ask which way to the Sanitarium, and all the survivors glare at them, then they see the two collosi, and all point in the right direction. Isabella says that they are all going to die if they keep that up. They then begin making their way to the Sanitarium.
• Down the streets they wound, Viresaegaer leading with his giant axe, cleaving any zombies that draw too close, with Ymir, Heinrich, Isabella, and Lila clustered in the middle, with Cormac guarding the rear, swirling his bolas. As they made their way towards the Sanitarium, a cluster of massed zombies block their path. H unleashed a flurry of arrows to drop one, Isabella bid farewell to her whistle as she Electromagnetic Acceleration Attack it through several zombies that do not die, and a home or two behind it. Then V strode in, and demolished the rest of them in an enormous swing. C “Good job, looks like we have this well in hand.” They then walked forward, to find a great gaping hole down into the sewers, with a zombie trying to claw its way up. V crushed the one as the others gathered around, looking down into it. H “where does it lead to?” V “Smells like shit”. L “The sewers then.” C “Then should we go down into there?” H “Why?” C “Because we were trying to get into lower places, to reach the sewers, and it seems that this will lead us to where we need to go.” Looking down at the hole, V glowered behind his mask. “I will not fit within that space.”, a five-foot diameter tunnel after all. C shrugged “I’d have to crawl too.” Isabella “Down we go to find the down, into smelly dark darkness.” A grinding comes from below, and a Slayer crawls up to the opening, its great claws gouging the stones. The Slayer then stood, its claws stretching back to try and tear into those gathered around, until V brought his mighty axe down upon its skull, destroying it and having it collapse to fill the hole. C “Looks like we’ll be keeping on to the Sanitarium then, with that creature in the hole and all.” H “We do have people strong enough to pull it out.” V pulls out the massive corpse before adding “I’m not going in there. I won’t fit.” C “Nor do I want to with those things crawling through. So we at least are going to the Sanitarium.” L “Without these two, I think I will follow as well.” They all continue forward, to the Sanitarium.
• The Seekers reach the Sanitarium, its stone walls and iron gates sealed. No undead seem to be moving within, and the few nearby without are slaughtered by V. C checks the gate to find that they are locked. Isabella begins laughing and rubbing her hands together, and H tells her to only open the gates, not to break them. L agrees with that idea, as there appear to be no undead within. Isabella tries, but can only rattle the massive steel objects. From the other side of the wall came a voice of an older man, wishing if they would like to be let in. The party says yes, and they hear the gate lock grinding open, and the door is opened. An older Daevar man in a laboratory coat greets them, and asks them to step inside quickly, they do, except for V who says he will watch the perimeter. The gate is closed and locked behind them. The man introduces himself as Dr. Verfrend Matinbrochen, the man in charge of the Sanitarium. He asks if they are picking someone up, or looking over at Isabella, if they are dropping someone off. L wonders why he is continuing to keep this place working after ‘the end of the world’ has started. Dr. Matinbrochen says that it is in order to ensure the safety of his many patients, and that they have no where to go anyway. Isabella uses telemetry in order to see the last week outside the Sanitarium, seeing that 5 days ago many people talked more about it. She tells everyone that there were so many different people coming and going, and then all at once. The Dr. then asks again if Isabella is being dropped off. Isabella mutters to herself that she doesn’t like this place, until a young, malnourished, and wild-eyed young man comes up to here, saying that she is one of them. Isabella asks what he means, and what his name is. The boy introduces himself as Frans, and says that Isabella is one of them and should meet The One. Isabella asks about this one, and if the others could come to. Frans says no, they are not one of them and would not be able to see The One, but that The One knows everything and can experience and let her see it all too. Isabella says that there is no way for anyone to know anything, Frans insists that The One does, and can show her as well. Isabella says that she doesn’t like this place, but asks where The One stays. Frans says that The One hides in the dark places, that it changes, and that finding him is a game they play. Isabella smiles, says that she likes games, and tells H that she is going off to play, so she and Frans run off into the Sanitarium, despite Heinrich’s shouts for her to come back, so H went of in pursuit. Dr. Matinbrochen then invites the rest of them in.
• V wanders the outskirts, killing any zombies that draw near to the walls.
• Dr. Matinbrochen escorts L, Y, and C to one of the lower offices. The furnishings are plain, the furniture fairly uncomfortable, and the lighting poor. Dr. Matinbrochen takes a seat behind the plain desk in the room. From a side cabinet he brought out a pitcher of water, and several glasses. He offered L, Y, and C a seat and a glass of water. C accepted both, L sat down but politely declined the water, and Y hovered near the door accepting neither seat nor beverage. Dr. Matinbrochen asked them why they were here, and C responded saying that they were looking for an entrance to the sewer. Dr. Matinbrochen say they had no direct access, since it could be hazardous to the patients if they could get access to it. L asked for a little bit more details then regarding all of the actions that could go on here. Dr. Matinbrochen simply says that he tries to provide assistance and treatment to many of the psychologically damaged individuals within Terrasanta. They hold an open door policy for the bringing in of new people, and others can return to see them, so long as they respectfully avoid whatever time they are working regarding the treatments. L asks how exactly some of these treatments are performed, to which Dr. Matinbrochen says that he cannot reveal those secretes.
• Roaming the walls outside, Viresaegaer killed all zombies that were within reach. The occasional Hunter would look over him, nod its massive skeletal head slightly, and then go grating off into the other portions of the city. During the other time V hurled the chunks of still steaming black ichor from his armor. Then, off in the distance he could hear loud cries for help. Running towards the sound he found a broken door into a home, with fire and smoke licking through the windows. Wading inside V found seven zombies preparing to fall upon a woman huddled over two small children. With one sweep of his might axe V destroyed all the zombies at once. With tear filled eyes the woman looked up and thanked the giant monstrosity of a man, sobs of pure joy wracking her frame. V then felt a dark thrumming shudder from his axe. The next thing he remembered he was back outside the Sanitarium, another two dead zombies at his feet, steaming ichor covering him once more. At his belt is a bright silver necklace.
• Inside the Sanitarium, Frans and Isabella run along the lower levels. Noting that Heinrich is following her, Isabella decides that if they stand perfectly still H shouldn’t be able to see them. They stand perfectly still, and H plays along, while telling Luma to keep an eye on them, so when they run away he can follow them again. After giggling to themselves for a few moments Isabella and Frans set off up the stairs into the medical wing. Through the dark halls they went, past the clouded doors, until he she ran into the dark Main Experiment Chamber, although she couldn’t make out the dark details of it.
• Down below Dr. Matinbrochen excused himself for a few moments to fetch them some patients to speak to, in case any of them know something that could help them. Once Y is sure that Dr. Matinbrochen will be gone for a while, he leaves, going through different rooms. He finds further empty offices, the privy, and also finds the Guest Store room. Seeing the collection of weapons that are present, he unwraps one of his sacks and stuffs it with items.
• H steps into the Main Experiment Chamber, and sees all of the actual features; skin curtains, bone wind-chimes, bottles of fluids and organs, and skinned bodies decorating the walls. Then one of the bodies on the wall moaned “Help me.” Isabella flinched back as Luma’s light revealed it all. Then Luma gave H a warning of something behind him. H spun around and lashed out with his +5 Naginata. The monstrous creature (Dr. Matinbrochen’s Sickles of Madness Form) nimbly dodged away from the attack, then lunged forward, his massively clawed hands being narrowly deflected by the naginata, cutting hard into H’s armored sleeve, tearing into it. Isabella began conversing with herself, about not liking this place, and knowing what they needed to do. Grabbing a scalpel, Isabella unleashed an Electromagnetic Acceleration Attack, but the creature dodged it as well. With another lunge H sent his naginata flying forwards, but the creature evaded and lunged forth, slicing through some of H’s hair. Luma unleashed a beam of light, but it was as though the creature’s bladed surface bent away from the light unharmed. Unfortunately for the monster, it dodged right into Isabella’s arcing lightning. In a great tearing suffering wave the creature convulsed and died, reverting once more into the form of Dr. Matinbrochen.
• H returns his attention to the skinned man, looks him over and realizes that he will die shortly if he isn’t treated. Reaching into his zeon stores, H uses a Recover spell to fully regenerate the man, then lowers him from the wall. Frans shakes his head and wrings his hands, saying that The One’s speaker is now fallen, and that a new one will need to be found, and that Isabella would make a good speaker. Isabella says she wouldn’t like that, and begins collecting scalpels, finding 12 on the operating desk nearby. H then takes the other two downstairs, where he finds Y standing out in the hall, V just walking into the doors, and C and Lila still in their seats in the office. H tells them that the Dr. Matinbrochen is dead, C asks how, and Isabella says that Edward killed him, even if Cathy thought they shouldn’t. C ignores Isabella and turns his attention back to H, who explains the monster appearance, and the look of the upstairs room, and the man that he saved (not mentioning that he started skinless). Lila asks him what was going on here. The injured man, exhausted begins to croak out that the Dr. did terrible things to them, and then a few days ago it got even worse. He shudders at the thought. C asks the man his name, and he simply says they called him One, except that he was about to die and then another would be called One, instead of Two most likely. L asked for an information that could help them, and One suggested they try the basement. V dragged Frans off to the side, demanding to know more about this monster thing that occurred, and what was going on. Frans mentioned the one, the blessed and cursed one that falls in the dark places, guiding to only be seen by the ones that embrace the darkness, the madness, their dementia. V asks how he could make this thing appear, and Frans suggests he take out the lights. One tells the others that there were terrible sounds from the basement, so much screaming. They decide that the basement should be their next stop then, and then they hear the sound of shattering glass as V uses his axe to destroy all the lights within his reach. C asks him what the hell he is doing? V says that he is bringing this one down so that he may kill him, by making it dark. Everyone else thinks that this is a bad idea, but V says that he will anyway, and shatters the other dull lanterns nearby.
• In her head Isabella hears a voice, saying that she should join him, become one in order to know everything, to embrace the eternity of darkness and madness. Then before her appeared an inverted, skeletal angel covered in chains and white leather wrapping his form. Isabella stares at it, asking what they will do to it, except that no one else can see it, and the angel says as much. Then a wave of power rolls out over him, and H begins hearing voices and seeing flashing images, including the creature. The angel comments that two can see him now. With another deep thrum from his axe, V takes it in his hands, and his mind is swept away a bit. The angel comments that three can see it now, and that Isabella should join with it. In his panic H draws an arrow and fires it, slightly harming the angel, which laughs as H stares at the flickering images. V then feels his axe tell him to strike the creature, and he does, the massive weapon hitting it without harm, and then the axe speaks, saying that it is finally awake. With a rasping laugh and parting thoughts to Isabella that it may have found someone better it vanishes. V stares at the axe for a while, as the axe speaks into his mind. It informs him that V will give it what it wants. V asks back about what it wants? The axe simply says slaughter, death, and destruction, that you have fed me well this night, and so your friends may live while we continue forward, until all others fall beneath its blade, and then, in the end, finally even his companions will fall and fade away. Then the axe goes silent, so V sends it to kill Frans with ease. C asks why he did that, and V responds that the insanity made him dangerous. There wasn’t a good argument against it, so they went through the back doors in search of the basement, V kicking them open and nearly crushing an inmate. V’s axe finished the hapless man.
• They walk through the garden, the plants grey and dead, until they find the cellar doors down into the basement. V easily tears them open, and then they descend. At the base they find the sleeping cells for the patients, blank walls, and nothing else. Isabella uses telemetry once more, and sees the passage of all the poor souls that lived, and were taken away to die within, walking through the secret door, until they were all released 5 days ago. Isabella tells the others of this, Ymir mumbles about the bad stench in the air, and then C and H both latch on to the, they walked through the wall, bit. V smashes the wall in that was spoken of. Beyond is the hidden laboratory, with its operating tables, notes, strange implements, elevator of hatched metal and strange risen pedestal covered in metal knobs and levers, crystal juttings, and a large central slot, and the massive twelve shattered crystal containers. As they stepped inside they noticed the 12 huddled figures in one corner, their skin tight, metal bursting from their bones and replacing parts of their skull, wires and crystal in strange places. Then the creatures whipped back their heads and screamed into the night.


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