Lila Ubar

Mechant leader, diplomat, and educated aristocrat


Race: Tayahar, Class: Illusionist, Level: 7+1, XP: 1254, DP: 0/1200
STR: 5(+0), DEX: 9(+10), AGI: 7(+5), CON: 6(+5), POW: 13(+25), INT: 10(+15), WP: 7(+5), PER: 6(+5)
Movement: 7(80’), Fatigue: 6, Appearance: 8, Size: 11, Weight: 5(50#/130#)
Life Points: 120, Initiative: 85
Zeon: 570/900 (0/500 Crown), MA: 90, Magic Levels: 0/85
Presence: 60, DR: 65, MR: 95, PhR: 65, VR: 65, PsR: 65
Mental Health: 200, Threshold to Madness: 40

Secondary Abilities: Composure 40, Notice 40, Search 40, Track 40, Appraisal 40, History 40, Magic Appraisal 100, Memorize 40, Occult 60, Law 40, Leadership 80, Persuasion 165, Style 80, Trading 200 (mastery), Streetwise 80, Etiquette 80, Disguise 80, Hide 100, Theft 50, Stealth 80, Sleight of Hand 90

Metamagic Advantages: Defensive Expertise (Basic), Empowered Shields (Arcane), Energy Control, Expanded Area (Basic), Feel Magic, Force Speed (Basic), Increased Destruction (Basic), Life Magic (Basic), Remove Protection (Basic), Secure Defense, Transfer Magic

Advantages: The Gift (Natural Magic), Greater Magic Level, Jack-of-all-Trades
Disadvantages: Code of Conduct (contract law, merchant’s code), Deep Sleeper, Vulnerable to Cold

Equipment: Traveling clothes, fine clothes, street clothes, and a full wardrobe of clothing for various purposes. Pack horse and fine horse for traveling, possibly a second pack horse and/or a cart or wagon for carrying large amounts of goods. Tent, bedding, provisions, canteen, etc. She wears Roshan’s Sapphire Bangle on her left upper arm, and periodically dresses in the Emperor’s New Wardrobe. She wears Houri’s Crown when its appearance won’t overwhelm any value it adds to her. Almost always carries a supply of trade goods for wherever she’s headed. Details up to the GM.

Overall: Lila is a noncombattant. She isn’t utterly defenseless if she can field her magic, but she’s not able to deal with truly major threats. While she’s got some extremely versatile and cunning capabilities, she’s much more of an organizer than an attacker. She can be fairly deadly at the head of a force, provided she leads from the rear, because she’s versed in organization, communication, logistics, and similar, and can rouse soldiers to effective action. In the end, she relies on others to fight in her stead.

Lila is a Natural Mage, and so she hasn’t invested any DP in Magic Projection. Natural Magic generates a Magic Projection score at the time of casting, meaning it is essentially paid for through Zeon (or luck).


Age: 16, Sex: Female, Race: Tayahar
Hair: Black, Eyes: Black (brown in some lights), Height: 5’3", Weight: 110#

Background: Lila Ubar is an Estigian merchant, daughter of a line of merchants. Her parents died when she was ten (there’s the off possibility that she was unintentionally responsible, having accidentally burned a portion of the estate down as her magic began to manifest). She, however, carried on the legacy with verve. By reputation, she’s a “gold breeder.” Give her two gold coins, and she’ll have a third within the week. She not only knows the trade routes, she knows the market and she knows market trends and shifts. She’s something of a “merchant queen.” She has little need to carry or retain large amounts of wealth, as she can turn a small amount of wealth in to a large amount of wealth in a short period of time. Although people might dismiss her for her years, as she’s only sixteen, they quickly learn to regret it as her trading partners often profit as much as she does. Lila believes in the “honest deal,” a deal that makes both parties richer in their own way. After a deal, she often leaves suggestions as to how to make the wealth gained multiply further. Trading partners who follow her advice tend to do a bit better in their future dealings.

Lila came to the attention of the Black Sun because of her magical talent, her magical interest, and her almost-magical trading proficiency. Her interest in magic, although utilitarian, is largely academic. She likes the theory of magic more than its practice. While she uses magic to great effect, the fact that she never gained formal education in magic cripples her in terms of achieving the great heights. On the other hand, in the “lowlands” of magic, there she is queen, able to do what she wants when she wants. She doesn’t view herself as “a part of” the Black Sun, and certainly not “working for” the Black Sun. Instead, she’s “working with” the Black Sun in certain joint ventures. The fact that she believes in the sanctity of agreement keeps the Black Sun confident in this relationship, and how she views it and how they view it likely differ considerably.

Lila isn’t inexperienced in battle, but has no combat training. Instead, her combat experience lies in leading caravan guards against raiders, coordinating assaults on mystical sites, etc. She has no taste for war or battle, and prefers words to blades. The fact that her words can fall more heavily than most hammers is irrelevant to her. She often travels in “mixed group” caravans, and her gift of tongues (INT 10 = gift of tongues) means she will often develop a “pidgin” language for that caravan, in the way of a ship’s cant (a practice she picked up from her limited merchant marine experience).

Appearance: Lila is a Tayahar of Estigia. She prefers to wear nice clothes, not quite opulent, but dresses to fit the occasion. She has black hair, swart skin, and black eyes. She is attractive, though not attractive enough to compete with the “glamor queens” of Gaia. She is attractive enough to keep the eye focused on her, a trick that she sometimes uses to her advantage.

When conjuring magic, she typically cups her hands in front of her mouth and gives a quiet, monotone whistle that continues to chime as long as she accumulates. When she finally casts the spell, often as not it has a bizarre look to anybody accustomed to traditional spells. They frequently carry additional sigils and signs in various languages and have demarkations like a geometer’s marks when drafting geometric shapes.

Personality: Lila is warm, compassionate, and disciplined. She shows kindness and tenderness to those who aren’t mindlessly incompetent or willfully mallicious. This is also a disarming feature of her – she’s equally ruthless and heartless. In her own words, she is what she needs to be, and she does what must be done. While she doesn’t like the bad end of life in the world, she hasn’t fled from it yet. Thus, people who take her “honest dealing” as a sign of weakness will only get the better of her once, and after that their business may suddenly dry up entirely unless they are a larger operation, in which case the damage can still be great.

Lila believes in the law of contracts and the law of merchants. She believes in the “free and honest market,” and may take personal action against a dishonest dealer. She doesn’t give away the business, but she trades with people for things they actually want or need, and won’t outright lie about terms of the deal. She may renegotiate, but only by agreement, and if at all possible she will not back out of an agreement. The only reasons to break a contract, in her mind, are impossibility, total frustration of purpose, fraud or treachery by the other party, or similarly severe reasons.

Magic Items: Lila carries three magical items. She tends to wear the Emperor’s New Wardrobe, except when she’s concerned that something might interfere with it (both out of modesty and out of not wanting to reveal her magical capabilities in questionable environments). She wears Houri’s Crown when it either doesn’t clash with her outfit or when its value outweighs its opulence. She almost always wears Roshan’s Sapphire Bangle. In most cases, if she isn’t wearing the item she’s carrying it.

  • Roshan’s Sapphire Bangle: Roshan was a member of a circle of five magicians in ancient days. Their stories are some of the folk legends of modern times. It’s unknown if this elektra armlet with sapphire inlay actually belonged to him/her (the stories are contradictory as to gender), but it matches the description. The circle made these bangles because of the troubles of overspecialization from magic – they never had a spell just right to the situation. The bangles they made would provide a +2 bonus to anybody who wasn’t a Natural Magician attempting Natural Magic, offsetting half the penalty (this is of no use to a Natural Magician). Rochan’s Bangle had more practical, functional applications, and improves the effect level of transmutation Natural Magic by the caster by one level, allowing the user to change the physical characteristics of things or move things around more effectively. Put another way, it reduces the difficulty of a given level of effect by one, to a minimum of level one. Of course, it’s also a piece of elektra jewelry with sapphire inlays, which might catch the eye of thieves.
  • Emperor’s New Wardrobe: This snydely-named garment is an indecently-translucent slip. Worn alone, it has the ability to alter itself into a full set of garments, including accessories and adornments, appropriate to a given social event or environment. At the user’s wish, it adusts to either the present situation or whatever the user is headed to. While it can only react to what the user knows in terms of where they’re going (it won’t suddenly become armor if the user’s headed for an ambush), it pulls information from the world to learn what is the best way for the user to dress for what he wishes to achieve, where he is going, who he will be with, and who he is or is pretending to be. The garment itself is phenomenally durable – no cuts, tears, rips, burns, or other effects occur to it, and the user can scour it over stones without damaging the fabric. This is of little help to the user, however, as the flimsiness of the fabric affords little protection. The slip provides 1 Armor against Cut and Thrust damage. It never stains, and all impurities and discolorations come out in the wash.
  • Houri’s Crown: Named for a little girl who died young but whom some believed was really a fairy, Houri’s Crown is a simple tiara done in silver with a single diamond stud at the center. Houri was supposedly gifted beyond her years with magical craft, and her power became such that, according to legend, it escaped her body. Her body collapsed into dust and she ascended to higher planes of existence. Her Crown, if this is truly her Crown, allows the user considerable insight into the supernatural world. It is only useful to one who is Gifted. It affords the ability to See the Supernatural. In addition, Advantages and Metamagic that would enhance the user’s ability to use the natural magical sense of the Gifted also expand the See the Supernatural abilities of the Crown. Thus, a magician with Feel Magic can learn not only that a summoned creature or psychic power is in use, but also its general capabilities, who its target is, etc. In order to gain any insight using the Crown, Magic Appraisal rolls may be needed as if the effects were actual spells. Houri’s Crown is also a Zeon battery, storing up to 300 Zeon at a time.

Lila Ubar

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