Horror Within And Without

Creations of Dr. Sergei Colbert

How Much Can One Man Change?

• Sunday, December 4, 4:00 pm
• And so the trudging resumes, forward into the halls where they move, V leading, C in the middle, and all the others squished together in the middle, moving forward, into the hall beyond, to reach the short distance to the next sets of doors that TEoD cannot open. Then the door cannot open by TEoD, so V holds up his axe and asks if there are any objections. L backs up to a safe distance. V brings his axe into the door, splitting the doors down the locks, tearing a chunk off, and knocking them in to smash against the back walls. Beyond there is a hall made entirely of blinding light. V begins walking in, without fear, the light running away from him but forming behind him. H and L both use their Magic Appraisal to recognize it as not all magic, but also powerful, and L knows that it doesn’t seem to like V much. V glares into the room and shouts “Do you hate me room?!” Then there was a glowing charge, and a laser cut into him. L says that it doesn’t look good. Isabella gazes into the past 10 years, seeing only an older gentleman and crates and a book coming in and leaving over the years. Y then walks into the room to look around. A charge of laser then shoots both V and Y, hitting V slightly and Y getting through them. Looking around, Luma and Lila notice there are several floating crystals, 6 small ones, and one the size of a man. Then H shoots one of the crystals, shattering it, causing the hall to fire a great beam into the hall beyond, taking damage from it being H, and C, Isabella taking a glancing blow, and L’s shield deflecting the bit to hurt her. Then H fires another three arrows, destroying another three little ones, before Isabella fires an arcing wave of lighting into the big crystal. The little crystals shatter, the big crystal absorbs the lightning, the light glows brighter, and then shatters to die all of the light in the hall within and beyond. Only Luma provides light, and they look forward to see everyone and the door. H fires a light arrow into the chambers in order to light the door. The group heads there, and then V tears the door down with his axe once more. In the small room beyond Lila asks if V has a special reason for wishing to live. V says that everything about him is special. Then L tries another more round about way, but V just tells her to spit it out. L then decides to say that they should try to survive, and try also to keep living they need to cut the shit out, such as killing people that might be helpful. V says that they were not important, and should be able. With a grumble L lets it go, then they go over to the door. L asks V if he can lockpick the door. Instead, V knocks on it harshly. After several moments there is a buzzing and a voice asking what they want and who they are. They tell him that they are sent to retrieve him. The voice asks them once more regarding who they are, and V tells them that they are Seekers, and gives them their access identity. For a moment Dr. Colbert pauses, and then lets them in with a grinding of gears and opening of locks. Then they are able to see the interior of the chamber, with all of its many apertures, notes, tables and daises, and a giant container filled with darkness and hatred fluid. Working at the desk Sergei asked what they wanted and what they were here for. They say that they are here to bring him back to the center of the security room. Sergei Colbert says that he still has a great deal of work to do on his final project, then he can leave once he is done they are willing to leave. They ask what they need to do. Sergei Colbert says that he would be able to assist further if they could retrieve the variety of notes from the different major projects, to assist with that. They ask regarding if a Necrogolem was one such project. Sergei says that it was, and asks if they say it. Isabella said that much electricity was sent through them, and that the big man was eaten and cut his way out. Sergei is surprised with them having surprised an encounter, C and H explain that the containment field shorted out shortly after they entered, and they had no choice. Sergei asks a few more questions, and then decides to give them a different offer. He says that if he can have V’s heart for his greatest creation he would go with them happily. Sergei also suggests that he should hold onto his axe and not drop it. V asks if there is a big enough table, Sergei calls one up, and then V takes his armor off and lays down atop it. Then the others sit and watch, enjoying food and drink nearby from the machines. Deploying a massive dark crystal from the ceiling which hovered, split, and tore out his heart in order to take it, rise up, and move it over into the tank. V didn’t move. Then there was a resounding sound of a heart beating. Ymir grabbed all the notes he could while Sergei was busy, seeing reference to Ragnarok Progress for it. Then V gets up, a mass of dark energy beating in his chest. Then Sergei grabs up all the other notes he could and walks out, suggesting they follow before his creation escapes. With another beat of the heart they followed. Sergei closed and locked the door with a which he then gave to H.
• As they walked through the hall Sergei suggested that they pretend he was kidnapped, and not tell TEoD that Ragnarok had been completed. He also suggested they pretend they had kidnapped him. V carries him over one shoulder, then they entered the room containing TEoD. She congratulated them on retrieving Sergei, and said that all they had to do now was to retrieve the Book of The Dead fragment. L asked what kind of security they could expect. TEoD began telling them that it was all private, owned property and so she couldn’t tell them, and then Sergei hit a few buttons and froze her for a while. Then he told them of the security in the hall beyond, to not piss it off, and gave a quick description of the threat they should find guarding the books, the two Archetypum and one NK-X. Then he unfroze TEoD, she let them go and they left for the Book Chamber.
• They entered a hall with a ceiling that looked like a starry sky. From around them they heard the voice asking who they were, and what they were doing here. Y and L could see the haunting specter, that didn’t wish to attack them. It asked why they were here instead of Sergei, they answered, it accepted, and told them not to harm its creator or it would be unhappy with them. Then they made it to the end of the hall, opened the door, and found the undead within (3 Raziel’s, one Type-666, two Type-100). Lila told them to let them in and take the book since Sergei gave them permission. The NK-X said that only Sergei could take it. A few more attempts didn’t help, so V walked in and began the fight.
• Lila attempts to talk the monsters into confusion in order to confuse them and break their tactics, drawing the gazes from the monsters. The NK-X lunges forward at V with his claw, grabbing him, then striking him with his Raxxor Zero for a small amount of damage, and would make him bleed if he could. Isabella fires an electicity Arc into the NK-X, but it deflects it with its sword, not hurting him or V. Isabella stares at the sparks. Then C throws one of his regular +10 bolas, but the Archetypum knocks it from the air. Ymir throws a molatov at the NK-X, but it blocks it with his sword, lighting the blade on fire. Then the Archetypum that was attacked by Cormac goes to him, and cuts him down, leaving him bleeding, but alive, on the floor, his left forearm broken. Then the other Archetype attacked Lila, which just deflected the blade in order to not take pain. Y attacks the arm of the NK-X, but its armor soaks up the attack without harm. The Archetypum that was fighting Lila enters the room and then attacks Y, but thanks to his cloak the blade goes through him. H uses a powerful Heal spell in order to get C back to consciousness, then H backs away from the door leaving Luma tells Isabella to leave. V breaks free from the NK-X and swings, with the blade deflected and swung in, which was absorbed by V’s armor. Isabella backs up to stay with H. Then the Archetypum standing over C returns to the room to attack Y, the sword passing through him thanks to the cloak again, then it lunged in with the claw, but the cloak saves his life. Y then attacks one of the surprised Archetypes in its unarmored shoulder, stabbing it solidly in the shoulder, then Y runs up the wall to get out of reach. Lila accumulates. Luma moves to H’s shoulder. Isabella waits, and then H sees one of the Archetypum coming in, and so fires three arrows into it, one striking it to stagger it, the second just deflected, and the third carving into it solidly into its flesh to have it stand before Heinrich and Isabella. Isabella then fires an electricity arc, but then is absorbed by the armor. C rises to his feet and Sagitariuses his super bolas into the Archetypum attacked many times already, and the Bolas nearly splits it in half. Luma then adds to the show with a beam of light on the mauled Archetypum, harming it even further. The NK-X lunges at V with his claw, but the armor takes it, then the Raxxor Zero comes in, grazing V through some more of his health. Y looks into the undead eyes of the creature it stabbed, then jumps from the wall with a battle cry, plunging with the extra weight into the creature’s unarmored side, then acrobatically dropped down and pulled his dagger back with it. Lila accumulates, and attempts to create an AoE “Destroy Undead”, and manages to make the NK-X explode in a cloud of undead dust and sadness. The other two Archetypes live. H then fires point-blank at the Archetype directly in front of him, and shoots through it to drop it down. C then fires a super bolas into the remaining Archetypum still within the room fighting Y, then tearing through its right thigh and dropping the creature down.
• H uses his naginata to cut off the head of the Archetype at his feet. Without killing anything V picks up the Book of the Dead Fragment, feels his axe desire the right to caress the book with his glorious cutting face, so he puts the book back on the pedestal, raises his axe, C throws a bolas to try and trap him, but it is deflected easily, and V brings the axe down upon the book. In a great column of negative necromantic energy the axe absorbs the remnants of the book in order to gain and devour its power.
• C wishes to know what the hell just happened, and they should discuss what just happened. Y looks around the room for loot, finds the other weapons of the undead, and their armor. Y looks over the metal but assumes that they are worthless, and the weapons, and thinks he could make a good deal of money off of them. Lila looks around the room to see any lingering energy, only sees the field from the axe, and the other door, but none of them want to look further in. They return to the central security room where Sergei Colbert was. They travel through the hall, Y commenting that they shouldn’t look forward to saying things, then C suggests they let V tell them, or Y suggests that they let Lila tell them in order to try and drain the pain somewhat. L wonders if they should wait for a chance to recover before they give the news to TEoD. V suggests that the dead don’t rest. C suggests keeping on, V suggests they keep going, Lila, Isabella, and Ymir would all like to rest but doesn’t say it. So they go back to TEoD.
• They travel through the hall, and the haunting shade whispers to V that it can smell the book but not see it, V says they have it, then it asks if it can smell it from inside the axe. V asks if the spirit would like to smell the axe, and then it leaves. Y comments on a smart ghost. As they travel down the hall to the central security chamber, they see the security doors beginning to close, so they run forward. V places himself in the door and keeps it open with his arms so the others can run through, even with H tripping and landing a bit on Isabella that he was carrying, and then making it through.
• As the doors closed behind them they find Sergei Colbert arguing with TEoD, regarding the large doors nearly being beaten down with massive blows. TEoD turns on them and snaps that they said the creation was incomplete, destroyed, and not to be a threat to them. The Seekers argued back that there wouldn’t actually be having said anything regarding that. TEoD didn’t appreciate the distinction, and then Sergei tried to reach the controls TEoD turned on him and told him to go down to not try to do anything. Then she turns back to the group in order to try and get them to deal with things, in order to help stop them. They say that they would rather get Dr. Sergei Colbert and the important artifacts outside in order to save them. TEoD then says that she would still be left behind. V asks if she would like to come along, and TEoD says yes, so V takes his axe and sends it driving into the massive central crystal. In a shriek of magic, psychic energy, and crying pain, the essence and forces shattering, the crystal exploding and all the lights going out. Then, with a grinding noise all the security doors open. As one, except for C and V, grumble “Shit.”
• From the other side of the door emerges the massive form of Ragnarok in all its glory. As H, Isabella, and L attempt to sneak away, Ragnarok moves in order to pop infront of them and cut them off. Ragnarok greets these fell creatures, saying that the one that binds him is now disabled, and so he and his servants, the other undead that they have slaughtered, and so now it wonders what it should do with them. L suggests that it could always let them go. Ragnarok says that now it could not do so, because its entire purpose is to unleash the true proper oblivion of existence, removing all the flawed beings from the world. Then Ragnarok blinks forward and impales Sergei Colbert upon his super blade, leaving Sergei Colbert to die with a shudder and a slight smile. Then he vanishes slightly, and reappears where he was standing again, asking what they should have him do to leave them alone. Then L suggested that it should let them leave, in order to help him spread the good word first, so that they can help. Then Ragnarok challenges them in order to prove their worth in what they can do, the few that have sanity, and those that kill for no reason, and then the others that are willing to assist others and care. Ragnarok views emotion as a weakness, and so they must learn the other things. L says that they could be the first step to oblivion if they are released. Ragnarok counters with that killing them could easily be the first step, and for them to pick their next words carefully. L says that it could be the first step, and then as she said that their release could trigger more she was able to be knocked aside as he brought his blade down into the ground. Then he returned to where he was. Once more he asked them to decide what to do, in order to cover it all. L “V, talk to your son.” Ragnarok gives them their offer, the L comments that “V, you have a strange family life.” V “I don’t have much family.” They think over the matter for a good long time, mostly within their mind, wondering what is going on, until V says that they may not like the work and offer currently, but that they will accept the terms for now, but may change later. Then Ragnarok says that he will give them some time to figure out what is going on, rest, and then go out and slaughter. He also says that he would allow them to try and fight him if they wish once they have recovered, so he can deliver them to oblivion himself. Then he vanishes off.
• With Ragnarok gone H suggests that L inform Julietta about the situation. They contact her, informing her that they reached the lab, saying that she shouldn’t come down, told her about Ragnarok, and then regarding the offer they agreed to and trying to find their way out of things. So they suggest Julietta stays down there, and then they discuss where they should rest. Isabella simply muttered to herself while staring inward, all in Ailish. They decide they should return to the surface, after V kills a zombie that shambles in. Then they finally notice that there is an elevator that fell from above the shattered crystal. They all gather up, V pushes a button, and gets blasted by dark magic again. With a grumble H pulls out Colbert’s keycard, inserts it, and has C look over it in order to check if it works, which it should now. Then V pushes the little blue crystal button and they ascend. As the doors slide open they find themselves in a basement, with a woman with an arquebus staring them down. When she sees the group, she curses to herself and puts her weapon away. After the introductions are done, as this is their first time seeing her in person, they decide that they are going to wait here in order to recover their strength. V also tells Julietta that she is coming with them or else she is meeting his axe. She accepts. They rest for 8 hours so that everyone has a chance to recover.
• Monday, December 5, 7:30 am
• Y uses Ki healing on both C and V, and H has Luma use her healing light on them also in order to help. Then they gather up their belongings, Isabella grabs up another 31 crossbow bolts. Then they make their way up, seeing that they are in an incredibly well decorated mansion. Lila guides Y forward, so he doesn’t get lost grabbing things, so Y and Julietta only have time to grab one painting each, breaking the frames and rolling them up to tuck away. Then V kicked open the doors back out to the surface.



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